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This common corealigned rubric is perfect for any argument or explanatory writing assignment. Freebie rubric writing rubric, rubrics, classroom writing. Sentences show a high degree of craftsmanship, with consistently strong and varied structure that makes expressive oral reading easy and enjoyable. Integration integration involves the way a reader consistently and evenly orchestrates rate, phrasing, pausing, intonation and stress. If you dont know anything about the 6 traits, then i. Teaching the sixtraits of writing with middle schoolers. Sentences are well built, with strong and varied structure that invites expressive oral reading. This approach defines the ingredients of effective writing for students to practice and teachers to assess, equipping both parties with tools for strategically analyzing written work. Giff, patricia reilly write up a storm with the polk street school conventions raschka, chris yo. Numerous errors distract the reader and make the text difficult to read errors may be made more than one way for the same pattern or structure.

A rubric that allows the teacher i to score upper elementary students on the 6 traits of writing. Recreated by valeri angus, powell junior high, mesa az, from the state of arizona 6trait rubric. This easyanalytic 6 trait writing rubric is a very useful tool when analyzing writing. The six traits become a scoring guide and a tool for writing and using the writing process. The text is short which is important for a minilesson and engaging for studentseven those in middle school and high school. The six traits professional development model its not a program or curriculum. This typically includes communicating relevant and welldeveloped information. Final project informative writing newspaper 5 3 1 ideas the newspaper has a clear theme. Writing rainbows using cats colors by jane cabrera as a mentor text, students develop skill with conventions, specifically, with high frequency words is and for. Student friendly writing rubric from a school using the 6. Find lessons, videos, and training for the 6 traits of writing. Mini lessons and strategies that are taught typically fall under those categories.

The 6 traits focus on ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Six dimensions fluency rubric description use this form to observe and record a students oral reading fluency of a benchmark book or other. Writing an admission essay is easier said than done. We suggest you make a copy of the beginning writers continuum and the regular. It is a shared vocabulary for teachers and students. Hello, my name is dena harrison, and i have been coordinator for 6 trait initiatives sponsored by the northern nevada writing project since 2004. Arizona department of education scoring rubric for sentence fluency. Many times we do not need to assess students on all 6 traits, so i have included the traits individually so that y. If you dont know anything about the 6 traits, then i guess it might be helpful. I have been using a five point and have managed to find a six point, but. Typically, a teacher provides a series of letter grades or a range of numbers 14 or 16, for example and then assigns expectations for each of those scores. Shes either on a plane traveling to present her latest thinking about how to use the sixtrait model for assessment and instruction, or at home creating new scholastic resources for k8 writing teachers. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Six dimensions fluency rubric dayton public schools.

The internal structure, the thread of central meaning, the logical and sometimes intriguing pattern of the ideas. The heart of the message, the content of the piece, the main theme, with details that enrich and develop that theme. Media center six traits edina public schools edina. For the past two years, i have used a cafe inspired 6 traits writing board. View notes 6 trait rubric from engl 01 at university of utah. For most state and national writing assessments, students typically earn a passing score for their strong execution of the traits of ideas and organization. It serves as a starting point for discussions with colleagues and students about writing assignment expectations. Student friendly writing rubric from a school using the 6 traits of writing discovered by john norton while traveling in alabama. The six traits of writing model provides a recipe for successful prose writing. This is the type of rubric that is much easier to create, but much more difficult to use accurately. Textbook for grades 4, 5, middle school, high school, and adult ed teachers.

This rubric is written in a kid friendly format with words in bold to emphasize the difference in the rankings from 1 6. East high school writing rubric template based on the act college readiness standards and six traits writing this rubric is not intended to be used verbatim. Spandel, vicki creating young writers pearson education, inc. Techniques for using picture books in classroom instruction were modeled as. Exemplars scored with the holistic rubric based on 6. Highstakes testing and accountability in the united states cloak the real purpose of assessmentdiagnosing learning to. Does the writer stay focused and share original information or a fresh perspective on. Writing in the middle grades and high school 2001great source education group, inc. Specifically, they are 1 ideas and content, 2 organization, 3 voice, 4 word choice, 5 sentence fluency, and 6 conventions. Essay writing rubric writing rubric, six trait writing. Does the writer stay focused and share original information or a fresh perspective on the. Instead of grading the writing piece as a whole, grading using the 6 traits makes the process more manageable.

Most teachers read a different book to represent each trait. For students, these six areas break the task of writing into pieces so that you can focus on one part at a time. I created this simple to use format to quickly assess my students writing. It is based on a 4point scale and is appropriate for middle to early high school level writers. Thanks to teachers at maryvale elementary in mobile. The six traits provide a system for accurate, reliable feedback to students as well as a helpful. High school aims writing exemplars scored with the holistic rubric based on 6 traits of writing. Keep in mind, however, that i never fully develop a thesis.

The six traits are elements of writing that your students already know and use. Analytic writing scoring guide adapted by ad hoc writing teambased upon mo communication arts scoring guide revised on may 31, 2011 4 strong 3 effective 2 progressing 1 developing total. Even middle school and high school students enjoy picture books. The traits give us all a common language for talking about and celebrating writing. I have been using a five point and have managed to find a six point, but would like to see a four point. It becomes all the more difficult when you struggle with writing. The traits give teachers a focus for their writing instruction. Aug 7, 2007 blockquote hi all, im looking for a four point scale rubric for 6 traits. Strong control of topic relevant, accurate, specific details. Each year in northern nevada, our nnwp hosts several traitinspired inservice classes for teachers, it oversees dozens of 2 and 3hour workshops at school sites, and it develops new 6 trait resources that are freely shared on this page. Writing to inform rubric informational writing, rubrics. If you are not familiar with cafe reading, this strategy breaks down reading into four groups. See more ideas about teaching writing, writing traits and writing.

East high school writing assessment rubric framework. The six traits of writing district school board of. Conventions age appropriate for spelling, caps, punctuation. For the trait of ideas, for example, you still need a focused idea, supporting details that matter, and a central theme to your writing, regardless of age. High degree of craftsmanship effective variation in sentence patterns. Comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary. You can copy this paper on 2 sides to include all 6 traits. Writing in the elementary and middle grades 2001great source education group, inc. Researchers proved that most students leave high school academically unqualified for college. High stakes testing and accountability in the united states cloak the real purpose of assessmentdiagnosing learning to. Not proficient proficient 1 beginning 2 emerging 3 developing 4 capable 5 experienced 6 exceptional appears the author is indifferent, uninvolved, or distanced from the topic, purpose, andor audience relies on simplistic. I cant find any books for teaching the 6 traits to high school students, so i gave this a try. Students compile their sentences into a class book and also create an individual book. Does the reader clearly hear this writer speaking in the piece.

Spandel, vicki books, lessons, ideas for teaching the six traits. Biography maker this site helps younger writers through the process of writing a biography. But, if you are looking for a single title that demonstrates all 6 traits, look for the at the end of each titleauthor. What textbook has no pages, is miles wide, smells like a creek, and has been. Sentences are constructed in a way that underscores and enhances the meaning. A rubric divides the assigned work into component parts and provides clear descriptions of the characteristics of the work associated with each component, at varying levels of mastery. Free grade rubrics and assessments for middle and highschool.

Sixtrait rubric for expository writing essay outline. Oct 23, 2019 the six traits of writing model provides a recipe for successful prose writing. Ideas and content word choice conventions 5 focused, clear, specific. The six traits of writing district school board of collier. Download kristinas favorite picture books for teaching.

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