Christmas tree made folded book pages

Folded book christmas tree for all my book loving, crafty friendsyou must try making this christmas tree made from an old book. As such, a magazine of 50 pages is sufficient to make a beautiful tree. Folded book christmas tree how to make christines crafts. If this tree doesnt float your boat, check out these diy dollar tree christmas trees i made too we have lots of old paperback books in our house, and you probably do too so you dont even need to buy any materials for this project. Dec 30, 2018 a folded book christmas tree makes fantastic holiday decor. Once the base was cut out, poke a hole in through the middle. Diy christmas tree out of paper, book pages ripped into squares, then biggest to smallest to make a tree. Its even a great craft to do with your kids, although i recommend letting an adult do the cutting with the exacto knife. This stepbystep video shows you how to make your own cone shaped tree by just folding the pages of a book.

Dress up the top of a desk or credenza this holiday with an upcrafted book. The december 2012 issue, seen here with associate editor alison caporimo, is the perfect pick for this christmas tree craft. Continue folding pages as you did for the tree until you are about 25 leaves from the end. How to make a christmas tree with folded book pages. Book page ornaments paper christmas tree decorations. Im participating in the very merry christmas home tour, hosted by lovely, etc. Fold the first 20 leaves of the book as if you are making a christmas tree.

Gather one large magazine 100 pages or up or two small. Book christmas tree book tree christmas angels diy christmas gifts christmas trivia xmas folded book art book folding paper book here are the instructions on how to make this angel. To complete this fold you will need a book with at least 538 pages extra to leave a few blank at the start and end of the book. It might sound like a challenge, but this christmas tree craft is astonishingly simple since the advent of ebooks, we are starting to look at paperbacks in a different way. Dec 1, 2014 if youre in love with book pages and love making easy doable homemade gifts and home decor.

To do this, fold the pages as per normal to make a tree as in the photo at the top of the page, but make one extra fold to turn the pointed corner in towards the book. Folded book christmas tree book christmas tree, diy. Make a paperback christmas tree this decorative folded paperback christmas tree made from a paperback book is super cute, easy to make, and affordable. The method used to make it is very similar to this paperback snowman and paperback pumpkin supplies. Take just the first page and fold the top right corner down onto the spine of the book as shown below. Then, fold top of all pages down to form tree shape. Folded book christmas tree book christmas tree, book. See more ideas about book christmas tree, book tree and christmas. How to diy book page christmas tree hallmark channel. This will get harder and harder as you get more pages. Youll need a paperback book youve read many times, or picked up one or more at the thrift store. They were for the charity shop where i volunteer in the book department. Paper christmas tree folding book art christmas tree decoupage. You can easily make a tree in less than 30 minutes.

Start folding the pages by turning the right hand top corner of the page down to the spine of the book, as far as it will go, until you have a nice sharp fold at the top of the spine where the page. Did you know that your magazines can enhance christmas spirit. This listing is for one book sculpture christmas tree. Posted by admin on january 24th, 2015 posted in christmas, craft, festive and celebrations, paper crafts tagged as. Little books made folded book art, book page art, book art. Adorable paper xmas star, diy door wreaths made of rolled book pages, vintage book page garlands and many more upcycled book page christmas ornaments will make your holiday unforgettable. Mar 23, 2014 make christmas tree ornaments from folded paper or old book pages. Heres a really easy way to recycle them into a beautiful christmas tree. How to make a folded book tree for christmas youtube. They were a big hit and ill be making some more this year.

Using an old book that was falling apart, i made cute little christmas trees. Craft a christmas tree from your readers digest magazine. With this recycled book page craft tutorial, you can learn how to make a 3d christmas tree out of book pages or newspaper you already have. To make the construction more robust, there is a stand of wood like a wooden trunk. You may choose to tuck this flap inside the previous fold. Attach the first and last pages together with a piece of tape so the tree stays open. Hey, its christmas house tour week all over blogland. In the meantime, heres a small teaser, and a super simple christmas craft. Then you can leave it as it is or, as in my case, decorate it a little. This is a super easy project to do while listening to an audiobook or the tv. I made a few folded book art christmas trees from preloved books last year.

Nine ideas how to welcome the christmas spirit risultati immagini per how to do a bookfolded tree christmas tree made of books see more. One book was found on top of a trash can filled recyclable materials. How to make folded paperback book christmas trees a tutorial. When all the pages are folded, it will stand up on its own in a tree shape. Give your old silver new life with this upcycled tree idea. I made full christmas trees and discarded the rest of the book that i didnt need last year. With one book i was able to make three trees, and i had some book pages left over to do some other crafts. Origami christmas book folding 27 ideas for 2019 gebruikte kerstboom gevouwen boekkunst in. Fold the page with a diagonal crease from the top edge nearest the binding to. As the holiday rolls around, my house fills with small, alternative trees that have either been purchased or made at home. I feel a teensy bit bad about defacing a book but this one was headed for the recycle bin anyway. Fold back the pages and break down the spine so it becomes more flexible and opens up the pages. Thank you for your lovely comments and for reading, liking, sharing and hopefully trying my diy projects that i shared on the graphics fairy. Book page christmas ornament tutorial creations by kara.

A folded book christmas tree makes fantastic holiday decor. This year, ive been making christmas trees by folding the pages of old books and magazines. Pvc piping makes a wonderful christmas tree for small spaces. The tutorial even gives folding tips for those who are not as comfortable making evenly folded. Nov 29, 2017 it is a sad fact that even charity shops have to pulp books after their pages have curled on the shelves too long. Incredibly not everyone wanted to read mills and boon christmas nights by sally wentworth.

Fold the bottom point of the tie to create a flat bottom for your tree. More unique and untraditional ways of decoration here. Book page folded paper christmas trees boxy colonial. Keep those pages of words alive and send them as gifts as they fold flat for ease of postingshipping. Book christmas tree reuse recyle books diy youtube. Fold bottom triangle of each additional magazine page up, making the bottom of the tree flat. Now you need to turn that page as if it were still a book. Now fold the same sheet again in the same direction so that the outer edge of the sheet lines up with the spine of the book as shown below. When the magazine is completely folded glue the front and. I posted on instagram a couple of weeks ago about how i found this continue reading. Every page of your book is transformed into a festive holiday creation. Here is a nice idea to upcycle your old books then make some vintage ornaments for christmas. There are many printables you can use, some are christmas songs would make a more festive look.

Hot glue the jute covered ball to the candlestick base. Then fold the next 5 or 6 leaves upwards, varying the amount of the second fold for each page to create a fan effect. Its a great craft for kids, all you need is some old books, a bit of white glue, and you can add a bit of glitter, and some paper. Well, for the 21st century, you might want to give your kids a book with fewer pages. I will let you go see her tutorial on how to take the book apart and get an idea on how she made her book trees. Try to make the top fold as tight as you can because this is the pointed top of the tree.

Make christmas tree ornaments from folded paper or old. How to make a christmas tree with folded book pages holidappy. Tear off the outer cover and a few of the first and end pages. This altered book christmas tree is very easy to make from an old paperback novel. How to upcycle an old book into a christmas tree diy. You can also upcycle an old candlestick for the base and an old dresser knob for the top. Keep those pages of words alive and send them as gifts as they fold flat for ease of.

How to make angels and christmas trees from a paperback book. Punch a hole at the top for adding twine or ribbon for hanging. A paperback book of approximately 150 pages with the pages glued together at the spine. Tutorial folding technique to make christmas trees from. Once all of your book pages are cutout, you will need to assemble a base for your tree. This folded book christmas tree is so easy to make and you do not need to buy anything. Folded book art is a new form of artistic expression which transforms unwan betty pepper living on the edge quick healthy breakfast ideas for diabetics recipes without food book folding patterns, vintage book with red covers, placed in wooden frame, opened to reveal intricate geometrical pattern, made from folded pages see more.

Theres even a second photo collage to show you how i added the sweet christmas red tree toppers. Upcycle folded book christmas trees the house house. The design of this particular book sculpture is such that a single page is folded over itself twice, making it 4 times as thick. How to make trees or christmas trees from paperback books. Follow this easy book folding pattern to make a cute christmas tree. But i have found a craft so simple, so easy, even those missing the craft gene. How to make folded paperback book christmas trees a. Why not reuse your old books and turn them into beautiful christmas trees. How to make trees or christmas trees out of paperback books. The addition of buttons and snowflakes makes it appear even more splendid. You may replace the burlap ribbon with a colorful satin ribbon if you desire. Check out my easy felt ornaments and costal christmas tree topiary. And if you want to try another fun project involving book pages, you can take a look on my diy folded book christmas tree that im sharing on my blog, these two are a match made in heaven.

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