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Molnija pocket watch medal of victory featuring joseph. Russian soviet book science smells mechanism perception odors feelings vintage. The words at the bottom of the dial mean made in ussr. Wristwatch repair wrist watch molniya servicing repairs. Molnija pocket watch 3602 railway locomotive russian analog watch locomotive. Themolniya watch translated as lightning was produced at chchz chistopol watch factory. Vintage watch ussr soviet molnija caliber 3602 soviet molniya men russian rare. However, seeing as this watch is from the 2000s, the movement is in its lateperiod predemise version rough finishing, yellow plates.

Unique clocks were also produced specifically for use in soviet tanks, fighter aircraft, submarines and, eventually, spacecraft. Military wrist watch sturmanskie with vintage soviet movement molnija cal. However, seeing as this watch is from the 2000s, the movement is in its later version rough finishing, yellow plates. The molnija clock and watch factory opened on november 17, 1947. Vintage wristwatches vostok big soviet ussr ollecting. A little bit of history about this watches antique collectible watches molnija. After christian stood up and put his shirt back on, he didnt approach the queen just yet, he turned and addressed those of us watching. See more ideas about vintage space, watches and vintage.

The molnija 3602, which was produced for almost half a decade, between 1960 and 2008, is the most popular russian pocket watch movement. Chromeplated stainless steel chain with swivel fob are supplied. The same movement is available in of or hc, the most common movement in the book is caliber 3602, 18j, which is probably what this one is. The term jewel refers to the industrial grade gemstones used as bearings for gears. These minimize friction and subsequent wear on the inner watch mechanism. At first, the main customer of the watch was the ussr. Watch iwc schaffhausen caliber 3602 18 jewels watch. Molnija unique custom made watch from soviet chronometer.

The molnija clock and watch factory was opened on november 17, 1947. Russian molnija pocket watch, 18j, 3602 movement, 1991, original papers, ship. American pocket watch identification and price guide book 2 192 pages ehrhardt. This pocket watch molnija 3602 18 jewels produced by the mchz watch factory. Revisione molnijatascacalibro 3602 master esito lavoro. Soviet era russian watches were the product of joseph stalin, bred out of an effort to limit western import of goods, and bring efficient time keeping throughout the country. Keeps good time i dont know anything about the name or the movement, i took the back off and there are two numbers inside on the works, 3602, 120636 please look at photos when bidding, as is paypal only, no returns, i ship to u. Nos original molnija pocket watch 3602, 3603 crown ebay. Prod date maybe 19501960, at the back cower are 2 scratches, you can see at the photo, but i draw them to see better. It had a bad movement so i tried dropping a donor swiss 6497 movement and movementdial tabs.

The companys main customer was then the soviet union department of defense, providing them with wristwatches, pocket watches and table clocks. Molnija 3602 the most popular russian pocket watch movement, here in its final version. Vintage pocket watch molnija locomotive train mechanical rare ussr quality mark. I have no idea when this timepiece was made, possibly in the late 50s or early 60s, as i suspect the movement is the same as the factorys pocket watches of the 1950s. Get the best deals on molnija when you shop the largest online selection. This regulator wristwatch was made by iskra molnija tscheljabinsky watch factory in russia. Watch case is new all stainless steel 316 alloy waterproof with custom made by us, specialy for this watch, industrial grade pad print dial in minimalist style. Russian regulator wristwatch by molnija collectors weekly. A couple classis molnija pocket watches go through a. The molnija 3602 is derived from the cortebert movement. Today the factory molnija produces technical watches for aircraft and ships, and is actively developing new markets. In many ways, the creation of the russian watch industry from basically nothing, greatly helped to democratize a once niche, luxury good.

Us marine nurse hazel herringshaw, wwi 1918 she is wearing. All molnija watches with silveroid cases and a theme on the back had the back painted with a coarse grained grey paint. The number of adjustments meaning the calibrations a watch has to keep it running accurately regardless of the position in which it is held add to the watchs value. Outer case shows some wear but the watch is in sound condition. Mens aviator watch molnija watch molnija aviator etsy. A regulator watch is a watch that has all of its time registers separated. Authentic molnija pocket watch made in russia features the russian empires coat of arms. Revisione molnijatascacalibro 3602 master esito lavoro 1. I opened the back which opens and closes without problem and looked at the movement though made no photos this time. Chelyabinsk watch factory molnija was a russian watch and clockmaker based in chelyabinsk, chelyabinsk oblast. Molnija 19701979 year of manufacture pocket watches for.

The molnija movements that i am referring to are the three i mentioned 3601, 3602, 3603 which are derived from the cortebert movement used by rolex in the 1930s and 40s and i believe that these three molnija movements only ever had 15 or 18 rubies so molnija movements with 7 or 8 rubies may be for another movement that i am not aware of but. The unitas 6497 has some of the features of the molnija movement but it has as well an incabloc shock protection which makes it even better and more robust. Molnija 3602 pocket watch star of david jewish hanukkah bar mitzvah menorah. Like most molnija pocket watches, this sovietera model comes with a chromeplated stainless steel chain and a swivel fob. Vintage musical box cigarette dispenser book case holder ussr russian. Molnija 3602 pocket watch mechanical handpainted unique. Hy all, i have 2 molnija pocket watches, the older one is a 15 jewel 443, the newer one is maybe a 1718 jewel and 3602. The companys main customer was then the soviet union department of defense, providing them with wrist watches, pocket watches and table clocks. This plant began its production on november 17, 1947 on the basis of an order of the council of ministers of the ussr. Vintage unique death note book quartz pocket watch pendant. It goes back to the cortebert 616, which was produced in switzerland in the 1930 and 1940ies, whose machines probably were sold to russia afterwards. Mar 28, 2015 us marine nurse hazel herringshaw, wwi 1918 she is wearing a rolex watch.

Pocket watch molnija 3602 hammer and sickle shaped star russian watch. This picture is just like the scene form the book of briony taking care. Made in the town of tschelabinsk, in siberia from the schiffer book of russian watches. Pocket watch mechanical sun blued hand blumenmuster pattern caliber molnija 3602. Nos winding stem tap 1,2 or tap 1,0 screwthread for russian watch molnia molnija 3601, 3602, 3603, 6. The russian word molnija in the middle of the dial is the brand name and it means lightning. The reading for pleasure book club 3428 members last activity 56 minutes ago this is a book club where we will share our current reads in ebooks, regular books, audiobooks, graphic novels and more.

These vintage watches are carefully restored and the movements are adjusted to a level. The molnija is powered by a model 3602 movement, an 18 jewel handwound mechanical mechanism. Molnija caliber 3602 with manual winding, lever escapement, 15 jewels, 18. This nice shortish book is a general, nonscholarly introduction to the political and diplomatic history of finland, primarily from 18091966. Macius baker has 274 books on goodreads, and is currently reading the beauty myth by naomi wolf, nasty women by 404 ink, and complete works of h. Unfollow marshal zhukov to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Of course, the book does touch on the 3 major events of the 20th century. This watch is a very rare example where that paint is still in.

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