Doxygen make pdf error

Other errors may be due to missing latex packages or doxygen bugs causing invalid. Is it possible to obtain a single pdf document, organized as a book, roughly as the html version. To make your life easier, you can configure doxygen to give you as much information as possible in its documentation. It is highly recommended that you document your code.

After the compilation of the source code do a make install to install doxygen. Installation follows installation instrution in the step of make d. But there are multiple ways of using special commenting styles to extend the information created. If the contents of the code block are in a language that doxygen cannot parse, doxygen will just show the output asis.

Doxygen is able to generate documentation from standard sources. Undefined tab position when trying to generate pdf with. Several different types of doxygen comments can be used. I run doxygen and then in latex folder i run the make file. Doxygen website external link development documentation. The \link command can be used to create a link to an object a file, class, or member with a user specified linktext.

A configuration file is a freeform ascii text file with a structure that is similar to that of a makefile, default name doxyfile. Create an error right at the start of the file if you have to. After a fairly short interval, doxygen opens up your favorite browser with documentation like that shown in the following figure. Doxygen creates a makefile, too, so if youve got make i dont on my win7 box, you can just type make in the latex directory. When i generate doxygen documentation in pdf format, i get plenty of different files with a single diagram in each. Doxygentest source where pdf is not generating doxygentest2 source where pdf is generating doxygentestoutput output for test 1 go to the latex and find output. First, if using a rule like make pdf, try to narrow down the scope of the error to. Free plugin for automatic documentation of your project. Im trying to generate a pdf documentation of our project here. Is there a bug in doxygen that generates invalid doxygen. Refman pdf error i tried this but i used to get following error. Error when generating pdflatex using doxygen cfd online.

Dec 19, 2014 progress will be displayed, please wait till doxygen has finished is displayed. For each project that uses doxygen, you must create a configuration file. At last count, the pdf file is over three thousand pages. This is extremly practical when creating large projects or. Doxygen is very useful for maintaining and understanding your own larger projects as well as useful documentation for others who use your code. However, you can make this even more useful by embedding documentation on how to use your classes right in the code itself. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. Generate a pdf version of the manual you will need pdflatex, makeindex, and egrep for this. Doxygen pdf document generation error expertsexchange. I know nothing about tex, all i care is to extract doxygen documentation from a c project in a pdf.

Maybe also increase the verbosity level debug level of make to see what happens. Other step might be to create a small example and run this and add all files as e. While latex can handle this, it still can make some trouble if pdf hyperlinks shall be created. What is going wrong is that when latex output is generated, no refman. Any idea of what is going on, why the pdf generation is failing when the html was generated ok. Doxygen is not very user friendly when it comes to input errors. It should also mention any large subjects within doxygen, and link out to the related topics. Errors while processing latex files famu fsu college of. Unfortunately i wasnt successful in creating a minimalist example project that produces this error, if you think it is neccessary to solve this i will send you a link where you can download the latex files. Note that the actual documentation consists in comments you write in the header file. Since the documentation for doxygen is new, you may need to create initial versions of those related topics. The following sections provide guidelines for openocd developers who wish to write doxygen comments in the code or this manual. The file may contain tabs and newlines for formatting purposes.

Doing nothing, doxygen will produce a nice cross referenced htmlized version of the code. This makes your life easier not only for potential users of your code, but also for you, if you are going to reuse your code after a long period of time. How to use doxygen to generate documentation code yarns. Also look into the c file where all headlines are listed.

Thankfully, even if this is not the case it can still produce documentation that can be useful for understanding a mass or mess of code. Installing and upgrading mysql installing mysql from source generating mysql doxygen documentation content 2. To improve the pdf output, you typically would want to enable the. Content management system cms task management project portfolio management time tracking pdf education learning management systems learning experience platforms virtual classroom course authoring school administration student information systems. Instead, docbook is used to create the manual and the faq, and doxygen is. Free plugin for automatic documentation of your project through doxygen discussion in assets and asset store started by jacobpennock, mar 19, 2012. Patel is right you need to run doxygen, then latex of some sort to create the single doc. For the pdflatex route to work, your current working directory needs to be the generated latex folder, otherwise you get errors like doxygen. Be warned the pdf file generated via doxygen is extremely large. Mean that you do not have the prerequisites to run latex at all. This is a very powerful parser that is capable to finding functions, variables, macros, and many other things in the source code and attach the corresponding documentation to those functions, variables, macros, etc. Oct 29, 2009 very short video for beginners showing the process of converting a latex document into a pdf. Im trying to generate a single pdf file out of doxygen documentation.

Getting started the executable doxygen is the main program that parses the sources and generates the documentation. It can produce beautiful documentation if the code comments are written in its custom format. How to install and use doxygen doxygen easy tutorial. It allows you to specially tag comments in your code that will be used to generate nicely formatted output such as html.

Computer fundamentals pdf format what is a pdf file. The doxygen documentation lists different commenting styles. Doxygen got its name from playing with the words documentation and generator. If you just want to build the doxygen pages in the doc directory make the following substitution in the doxyfile in the main mini directory. If you downloaded the binary distribution for unix, type. The subdirectory doc within the main source directory contains makefile. For an introduction to doxygen documentation, see the doxygen primer. For that, the doxywizard wants me to generate tex files ready for hyperlinked pdfs, then i use the pdflatex tool i actually run an autogenerated make. Exporting doxygen to pdf using latex package inputenc error tex. See the inputenc package documentation for explanation. Exporting doxygen to pdf using latex package inputenc error. Doxygen is a useful tool to automatically generate documentation for code.

At the time i was looking into lex and yacc, where a lot of things start with yy, so the y slipped in and made things pronounceable the proper pronouncement is docseegen, so with a long e. Select doxyblocksextract documentation to generate and view the documentation. This is useful for generating html documentation andor an offline reference manual from a set of documented source files. Sometimes cruft is left over and latex is partitularly bad when dealing with leftover. The links that are automatically generated by doxygen always have the name of the object they point to as linktext. Note that the default doxygen configuration takes hours to build. The making process runs for a moment and then halts with this message. Generating this document taxes the underlying tex formatting system, and will require the expansion of texs memory capacity. My make statements for doxygen latex pdf look like.

Doxygen tutorial csci 102l, spring 2011, section 30349r. Dec 15, 2014 project structure projectfolder bin doc lib src test doxy le make le bankmann, unger documentation with doxygen december 15, 2014 3 9. As stated in the question, trying to produce a pdf, results in the above error, and kile my editor of choice opens a new tab with the aux file. If doxygen is in your path simply issue the command. That seems like the safest path since most packages use it automatically when its found.

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