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We are over 300 members strong and are always looking for enthusiastic ham operators. The radio used for this repeater is the motorola msr2000. Of course, the type of radio and antenna that you use will determine your success. It is carefully compiled from various sources using the latest and most authoritative vhfuhf information. The repeater system is located in london oh at the madison county hospital in central madison county.

The radio itself can be packaged in several different configurations in several different cabinet sizes or in a rack mount enclosure for installation in a customers equipment rack. The repeater is a yaesu vertex vxr7000, cat 300 controller, and a 6 cavity txrx duplexer. The following repeaters can be accessed from the spartanburg, sc area. Take part in our annual events, field day, and hamcation which is the second largest amateur radio convention in the united states. Location,name,frequency,duplex,offset,tone,rtonefreq,ctonefreq,dtcscode,dtcspolarity,mode,tstep,comment 2. Ke8rv repeater system london, oh madison county amateur. Send anonymous repeater donations with bitcoin to 3jgmzzgwsriyx1ash6smzf49hvxhee9cbw 450 sunday night trivia with your host sue kd6uvd. You now have passed your technician class exam and have been issued your first call. This article is for folks familiar with analog and rf principles. California, nevada, utah, to colorado roadtrip qrz forums.

North carolina 2meter repeaters 01 nov 2003 updated 30 may 2004. The networks node is listed on the echolink servers as w2njrr, or repeater node number 21005. There are more 440 repeaters than 2meter repeaters, mostly because our band allocation on 440mhz is 30mhz 420450 while the band limit on 2meters is. The best thing to do is to download the free repeater book app it is better than the arrl book and more up todate and free. The repeater provides a platform to promote learning thru ham radio, in a friendly environment. The salt spring island amateur radio society ssiars operates the ve7rsi repeater on 147. This room can be changed via radios with the wiresx feature set. If the frequency is incorrect, please update the downlink record. Another method of connecting a cat250 to an msr2000. Follow the links above for more information about the indicated topics. Owner callsign freq mode offset squelch mode pl trustee location notes. Repeaters in dfw that everyone should know grapevine ham. Repeater users may access other echolink user, link, repeater, and conference nodes by sending standard dtmf control commands overtheair. Join us in planning for the future of amateur radio and preserving the history of technology.

On april 25 2014, it was changed over to a yaesu dr1 which seamlesly went back and forth from fm and digital c4fm. It was subsequently replaced by a dr1x on august 11 2016, and in turn, was replaced by a dr2x on december 4 2018. Discussion in rv operating and camping started by ke0fcu, sep 5. Dont expect the same success with an ht and rubber duck as you would have with a 50 watt mobile and an outside antenna. Sparc repeater listings spartanburg amateur radio club. After a period of 10 minutes of inactivity in another room, the node will automatically revert back to the k2aa room. Some of the listings are outdated, but most of them are still accurate.

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